Flash Tutorial:

How to upload and embed Flash SWF file into Joomla article?

This tutorial will show you how to insert Flash SWF file to Joomla article.

Step 1: Make Flash SWF file.

Firstly, please make your Flash file (.swf) with Adobe Flash Studio or Flash Banner Maker software, for example Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker at http://www.aleosoft.com .

Step 2: Upload Flash SWF file to your web server.

Please upload the Flash .swf file to your Joomla website, normally you'd better upload the .swf file to the subfolder "images" of Joomla website.

Step 3: Insert Flash SWF file to Joomla article.

In Joomla article editor, click on the place where you want to show the flash banner, then click tool button "Insert / edit embedded media".

In the popup "Insert / edit embedded media" dialog, enter the information of the flash .swf file, then click "Insert" button.

Select "Flash" from the Type drop down list.

Enter URL information of your Flash .swf file. If you have uploaded the swf file to images folder, the URL can be images/yourfilename.swf . Please change the "yourfilename" to your own filename.

Enter width and height of your Flash swf file.

Step 4: Save the article, and the Flash swf file has been inserted to the article.

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