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How to make Google Adwords compatible Flash banner with Flash Intro and Banner Maker?

Google Adwords has strict specifications and requirements for Flash ads. For more details on the requirements, you may refer to http://adwords.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=50417&hl=en.

Flash Intro and Banner Maker can make Google Adwords compatible Flash banner, but the features of the software will be limited. This tutorial will guide you how to make Google Adwords compatible Flash banner with the software.

1. "Random" and "Math.Random" functions are not allowed in Flash ads:

This specification is not stated in the official requirements , but it's there and badly limits the features of the software. When submitting your Flash file to Google Adwords, if you get the error message "Encountered flash error - ad cannot have random numbers", it's because of this specification.

Due to this specification, features below are limited:

  • All background effects are not allowed. Please click "Background effect" on the left navigation bar, then uncheck the option "Add background effect" on the right panel.
  • "Modern Char Based" and "Modern Line Based" are not allowed. Please do not select these text effects.

We will upgrade these effects in the future version so to make them Google Adwords comaptible.

2. Ad Format: All Flash ads must be submitted in the full standard format sizes:

* Banner: 468 x 60
* Leaderboard: 728 x 90
* Square: 250 x 250
* Small Square: 200 x 200
* Large Rectangle: 336 x 280
* Inline Rectangle: 300 x 250
* Skyscraper: 120 x 600
* Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600

You may specify the width and height of Flash ad by clicking "Movie" on the left navigation bar, and setting "Width" and "Height" on the right panel.

3. File Size: Flash ads must be 50K or smaller in file size.

In Flash Intro and Banner Maker, the file size is determined by contents of flash movie. It can not be dictated. But in most cases, the file size will be less than 50K. There are several principles to follow:

  • In "Text Effect" Panel, "Font" tab, delete unused font styles with the button in the "edit font style". The button will delete the font style displayed in the left drop down list.
  • Please do not include too much texts in the flash movie.

4. ClickTags: All Flash ads should support the clickTAG variable.

It's quite easy to support this specification in Flash Intro and Banner Maker. Clicking "Web links" on the left navigation bar, check the option "Open web page when user clicks on Flash movie" and the option "Redirect to the URL specified in clickTAG argument.

Also, please do NOT specify any URL address for the texts in the Flash movie, otherwise you will get the error message "Encountered flash error - ad cannot have a URL."

5. Animation Length: Animated ads are restricted to a maximum of 15 seconds (at a 15-20 fps frame rate), after which point they must remain static.

To stop Flash movie playing, on the "Movie" Panel, please check the option "Stop Flash movie playing after specified times".

To keep the animated texts on Flash movie after the movie animation, please click "Text Effect" button on the left navigation bar, select a text, and click "Timing" panel, and select the option "Keep the text on Flash movie after the current stage ends".


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