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Frequently Asked Questions

Program not working, exception or crash

"Flash.ocx Required and Not Found" Error, or program exception and crash.

Preview does not work.

Using the software

I have problems about setting font style of text. How to set font style of text?

How to make Flash slideshow with Flash Intro Banner Maker?

How to set size of Flash banner?

How to add clickTAG to Flash SWF?

How to make the Flash banner static after the first loop?

Publishing Flash banner:

Why I need to click twice to interact with the Flash Banner in Internet Explorer and how to fix it? How to avoid the message "click to active and use this control" when I roll mouse over the Flash sound player?

How can I insert the generated Flash banner into my HTML editor?

How to upload and post Flash banner on Google Blogger?

How to upload and post Flash banner to MySpace?


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