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Aleo Flash MP3 Player Builder (MP3 to SWF Converter)

Batch convert MP3 and WAV to small Flash SWF without losing quality, generate full functional XML driven Flash MP3 Player for your website and blog (MySpace, Google Blog, MSN Blog and all other popular blogs) with ease.

Add music on your website, blogs and CDROM today!
  • On your website
  • On your MySpace, MSN Space and Google BlogSpot page
  • On your blogs (works in all blogs that accept Flash)
  • In your CDROM
  • Full functional XML driven web flash mp3 player with playlist, play, stop, pause, rewind, forward buttons, volume adjustment and progress slide bar.
Samples (Click to View More Flash Player Skins)
Flash MP3 Player Generator Examples

Not just a Flash MP3 Player, why convert MP3 and WAV files to Adobe Flash SWF files?

  • By re-encoding audio data with different parameters, you can convert a large MP3 or WAV file to a small SWF file without losing quality. Size of a five minutes music MP3 is usally 6Mbit, but size of the corresponding Flash SWF can be as small as 600Kbit, that's, 10 percent of the MP3 size. The smaller size means your visitors only need a shorter waiting time for the music playing.
  • Unlike MP3 file, Flash SWF audio file is compatible with all browsers. It will stream through firewall, will never be blocked.
  • Unlike Quick Time or Windows Media Player, nearly every web browser has the free Flash player installed, your visitors do not need to download and install a plugin.
  • Instantly running: does not need any extra hardware or software, upload Flash SWF file to your website, it's ready for listening.
User Reviews

Bernard, http://www.oceancountysaintpatricksdayparade.com/

The reason your product is so useful is that you can export "One" file with both the MP3 and Player, then resize and place with pixel precision with the mouse. It speeds webpage
production in WYSISYG.

For accurately and easily installing Mp3 and Player in one quick motion your
product is the best thing out there. Here is one site I used it on:
www.OceanCountySaintPatricksDayParade.com. Used on front page and in the "Press Room".

Jack Fowler, http://legendary80s.com/80Jukebox/80sjukebox.html

Your music player rocks. My site legendary80s.com features songs and lyrics from the 80's. I would like to add a music player to each page ( for every song lyric ). Check out the 80s jukebox and I have created complete playlists with your player. Anyways, I would like to use your music player for each page instead of windows media player.

Jack Fowler

Charles Brown, charles(NOSPAM)charlesbrown.com on Friday, July 18, 2008

Very, very Cool!!! Thanks for a great product ...

Thanks again ... Charles. This product gives me an ability to create very rich, attractive multi-media content that I did NOT have before.

by: harrismac1 on 17-Mar-2008 11:48:46 PM

Great way to add music to webpage

good, a great way to add music to web page, so I can let my friends listening my favorite song on my website. easy to use, lots of player templates.

by: pophilips on 15-Mar-2008 01:05:03 AM


Easy to use, generated flash player looks and works great. happy with it. strongly recommend.

by: chariebrownnn on 14-Mar-2008 02:28:39 AM

great, i love it

easy to use, only take a few minutes to add a jukebox to my web page. highly recommend

by: cartier.chanel on 12-Mar-2008 07:40:01 PM

best flash player generator

To add a music player to my daughter's blog, i have downloaded and evaluated 7 similar products and this one is just the best. Not only it's very easy to use and even my nine years old daughter knows how to use it, but it's more powerful than others.

firstly, some products do not convert mp3 to swf and just leave them as mp3 formats, and only generate a flash player skin. you know a mp3 file is normally 4M to 6M, and this makes the sound very choppy while waiting for the mp3 file downloading and playing.

several other products do convert mp3 to swf, but the playing is still very choppy, it seems that it's because the player starts playing while the music file is still downloading. if the playing is faster than downloading, and this always happens, the sound will be choppy and make it terrible noisy. as for this product, it's not a problem. i noticed that the flash player downloads all music files simultaneously, and will only start playing a music file after its downloading is completed. this will take another several seconds waiting, but will effectively avoid the noisy.

lastly, the skins of this product are pretty cool, some of them are my favorite.

by: DRyan2008 on 12-Mar-2008 06:50:41 PM

cool and easy to use

easy to add flash music player to my website. the user interface is really friendly.

Software Features
  • Batch convert multiple MP3 and WAV files to Adobe Flash SWF files.
  • Convert a large size MP3 or WAV file to a small SWF file without losing quality.
  • Create Flash MP3 Player, add music to your website and blog (MySpace, Google Blog, MSN Space and all other popular blogs) in just a few clicks.
  • Convert MP3 to SWF and FLV.
  • Create XML driven full functional Flash MP3 Player.
  • Professional designed music player templates.
  • Make full functional website flash mp3 player with playlist, play/stop/pause/rewind/forward buttons, volume adjustment and progress slide bar.
  • Customize color of Flash music Player to match the style of your website and blog.
  • Generate HTML file and HTML source code to quickly include Flash MP3 Player to your website and blog.
  • Step by step easy to use interface.
  • No Flash knowledge, actionscript coding or design skill is required
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