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How can I insert the generated Flash banner into my HTML editor?

Inserting Flash movie into web page is quite easy and can be done by instructions below:

Firstly, please generate Flash Movie with Flash Intro and Banner Maker:

    1. On the main window, left navigation bar, click "Publish", then on the right panel, please click "Publish" button.
    2. In the "Publish" window, select "Publish as Flash movie(.swf)" option, and click "Ok".
    3. In "Save As" dialog, choose the same directory that contains the web page which will embed the Flash SWF file and specify the filename of Flash banner, then click "Save" button.

The second step is to copy required HTML code to your HTML page and include the Flash banner to it.

    1. Open the HTML editor, and select the HTML page which you want to insert the Flash banner.
    2. Click "Copy HTML code to Clipboard" button on the "Publish" panel.

    1. Paste the HTML code into the position of your HTML page where the Flash banner should appear.
    2. Save the HTML page and publish the HTML file to your web server. Please note the Flash SWF file must be uploaded to the same directory as the HTML page.
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